Commit Yourself to a Healthy Lifestyle

It takes about 8 weeks for you to notice your body improving, 12 weeks for your friends and family to notice it, and about 20 weeks for the rest of the world.

When one first starts exercising or is back to exercising after a long pause, their body takes a shock since the muscles are not used to such intense physical activity. Their muscles will need to get through an adaption phase before their body can feel any good about exercise.

Exercising correctly and with consistency at a minimum of 3 days per week will have you get passed adaptation phase after 8 to 12 weeks in average, when you will start noticing some changes and feeling some good about exercising. Sadly, most people give up before getting passed the adaptation phase, which is understandable since this phase is the hardest to get through.

So, with this in mind, we have created ‘Commit Yourself to a Healthy Lifestyle’ Promotion as to encourage you to stick around long enough for you to start feeling so good about exercising that it becomes part of your lifestyle .

With this promotion, you can save a lot of money, pay in up to 6-month installments with zero interest, plus get free 1 Personal Training session with a certified trainer and 1 Adidas shirt.
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By the way, if you think you are not getting the expected results from your exercise routine, leave your comment right below explaining your case and I will give you my best advice to help you.