Meal Plan Delivery Terms and Conditions

For your convenience, Fitness Station can provide delivery of all items in your customized Meal Plan. This service abides by the following rules:

1. Customers must order before 10:00 PM at least 1 day before the actual delivery date.
2. Deliveries can take place at any time starting from 7:30 AM.
3. For ordering, customers must message Fitness Station at LINE ID: FitnessStation and send their Meal Plan pdf file specifying which meals they would like to order, preferred delivery time, pickup location address, mobile number and name of receiver and Fitness Station member ID.
4. A delivery fee proportional to the distance between Fitness Station and pickup location will be applied per delivery and payable directly to the delivery driver in cash.
5. Customers are allowed to receive all menus of their Meal Plan on a single delivery if preferred.
6. Orders must be paid directly to Fitness Station by direct bank transfer or cash before 10:00 PM of the next day from date of order.
7. Direct bank transfers must be sent to Fitness Station bank account and transaction receipt sent to Fitness Station LINE. Bank account details below:
Account Number: 002-8-64088-9
Account Name: Fitness Station
Account Name: Fitness Station
Bank: Kasikorn
8. Order cancellations are not allowed within 2 hours from delivery time.